How to Choose the Best Slots to Play Online

Some of the slot designs of recent times dispense with traditional reels, while other machines consider several turns within a single spin

Finding the best slots online is not just a matter of taste, luck or bonuses. The world of online slots is one of the most creative and competitive, with an increasing number of international providers willing to find the most amazing features and the most original formats. Try the best slots available at Spanish casinos for free at

Theme, interface and prizes

It increases the number of players who know how to recognize the type of game that best suits their profile: titles that they enjoy playing, win and have fun with. And it’s not just slots with a certain theme or with a specific reeling system. While it’s true that many people stay true to the games they’ve always played, there are also those who jump from one to the other depending on the theme, the brand or the jackpots accumulated at any given time.

The empirical method (i.e. try and see what happens), is difficult when the weekly releases accumulate. The greater the offer, the more necessary it becomes to have the tools to know which games are worth trying. These are some of the features that accumulate the most followers:

  1. Design: Egyptian slot machines, terror, officials… have their own club of fans, and it doesn’t matter if they pay a lot or a little, or if they insistently repeat the same functions as always.
  2. Structure: The number of reels, the payout system and the functions associated with both (increase of rows on the board with the winnings, re-spins or payouts in both directions…), are extras to be taken into account.
  3. Audiovisual effects: a real video slot is immersive and will accompany with music and movement to each of the events of the game. The graphic quality determines how good a game is, no matter if the designs are 3D or flat.
  4. Responsive: although they look like real animated movies, today’s slots are designed to be played comfortably and safely from any device, without the need for an app.
  5. Prizes: the maximum payout potential (or how much you can multiply your bet by), the highest prize given per spin, and the existence of fixed and accumulated jackpots, make the difference.

How the reels spin and pay out the prizes

Some of the slot designs of recent times dispense with traditional reels, while other machines consider several spins within a single spin. In fact, the inclusion of this kind of mechanism makes it easier to form combinations, and the bonuses is one of the reasons why the return to the player of online slots is higher than in the physical machines of all times. This is how some of the most popular ones work:

MegaWays: it’s a patented system by which the traditional 20-payline slots can become hundreds of thousands, while maintaining the traditional 5-reel grid. In their case, combinations are counted by symbols on adjacent rollers, in both directions and growing with the addition of rows to the board. The most popular “MegaWays” slot provider is Big Time Gaming(BTG).


Re-spin: the roll starts with an initial spin with the option to get a successive spin included within the same payment.

Cascade or Avalanche Payouts: A type of re-spin that occurs when after a winning spin, and within the same spin, the winning combination squares disappear making way for new symbols that cascade or avalanche from above.

The “good luck” data

Knowing the RTP, potential, highest payout and volatility of a game is actually much more important than its theme or number of reels, because it allows you to determine a starting strategy to get the most out of each title. So what should you look for when choosing the best slot machine?

  • The RTP: Indicates the percentage that the player recovers, on average, after a game in which all the game functions are activated. Most online slots exceed 96%, and the most coveted titles can reach 98%.
  • Volatility: There are games designed to offer frequent but small prizes (low volatility) that often activate their bonuses with ease, while others seem never to play and yet when they do, they usually award higher prizes (high volatility).
  • Potential: The highest payout that can be achieved by a combination prize is expressed by the maximum multiplier that can be applied to it. For example, in The Dog House Slot you can win up to x6750 the bet per spin.


How to choose, among so many games, the best online slot machine for you

We have 6 steps to help you find the ideal online slot machine for you. Follow them to the letter, and get an adrenaline-filled and fun gaming experience.

Step 1: When you are new, play several slots to find out what you like

Any new online slot player feels a little overwhelmed the first time he enters the game catalogue of his favorite casino. With so much variety it’s hard to know which one to play with, but remember, no one is rushing you. Take your time, and try out as many online slot machines as possible; that way you can get a better idea of what you like.

Remember to try out slots from different developers so that you know which ones work best for your device. Be sure to try the various themed titles to ensure a fun experience; try games with different special features (pay-lines, multipliers, bonuses, etc.). Finally, don’t just try out the most popular online slots; try out the ones that nobody notices, you might get a surprise.

Step 2: Get to know the style of the game and its variance

After you have tried several slots online, you will begin to feel more comfortable with some than with others. Once you know the style of the game, you will be able to determine if you prefer low or high variance games. Each game style has its advantages and disadvantages depending on each player. Learn more about variance, also known as volatility, here.

Step 3: Use the search filters

If you don’t want to waste time looking through a sea of options, opt to use the search filters of your favorite online casino. With this tool you will be sure to always play the slots you like the most. You can filter by themes (animals, fruits, ancient Egypt, music, among others), or you can search by developers, game features, etc.

Step 4: If you want big wins, choose the slots with jackpots

The world of online slot machines is so vast, there are options for all kinds of players. If you are one of those who is always looking to generate big winnings in gambling, look no further, slot machines with jackpots are your thing.  The machines that usually give jackpots are not very common, but luckily here you can find a list of the best ones.

Step 5: Take advantage of slots with free spins

Online casinos often offer, along with their welcome bonus, a free slot machine spin package. Those free spins only apply to certain machines, usually the ones with higher volatility; but free spins are free spins, so don’t think too much about it and take advantage of them. With those promotions you may be able to generate big profits without risking any of your money.

Step 6: Read reviews of specialized games

In sites like ours you can find a specialized review of each of the slot games that make up our free slot games catalog. There you will be able to know all the details of the slot machine you are interested in, and decide if it is worth trying or not. On this site you can also play for free to check if the graphics, sounds and special game features are to your liking.