Although it may not be in good taste, the truth is that Cleopatra is already a few years old: she was initially launched for casino machines, and as such conquered the whole world. Her fame has not stopped growing since then, to the point that IGT launched some time ago a second version called Cleopatra 2, which you can also try for free on our site.


If you’ve ever dreamed of hearing the sinuous voice of one of the most beautiful women in history, you’re in luck: Cleopatra has 5 reels and 20 starting paylines, whose turns she encourages from time to time with her own words.

Of course, the main symbol is the game’s logo, with Cleopatra’s eyes and a small animation that is activated every time she awards a prize. This is also the Joker, which replaces all symbols except the Scatter. You can collect 5 symbols with Cleopatra in an active line and get a prize of 10,000 times the bet per line.

You’ll also find (following their hierarchy of rewards): a beetle, a lotus flower, a hieroglyph, the staffs of Upper and Lower Egypt and the Eye of Horus, plus letters.

One of the most interesting things about this game, is that it has a dynamic of free spinning bonuses of the most moving around the symbol of the Sphinx, which makes Scatter. It works like this: if you roll 3 or more you’re rewarded with between 15 and 180 free spins where all the prizes you get are automatically tripled (except if you roll 5 Cleopatra symbols)

Important Rules:

  • Prizes are only paid out if you manage to form a winning combination with symbols placed on consecutive reels, always starting from the far left.
  • Only the top prize per line is paid out. But if you get two lines with the same prize, they are added together.
  • If you win multiple Scatter symbols in a single spin, only the highest prize is paid, multiplied by your total bet.
  • The prizes you get per winning line and per scatter symbol in a single spin are independent and are added up.

As well as all of the above, it is important to note that as with most slots, there is a maximum prize limit of 9,999,999 coins for each spin during a session.

When you play a free spins bonus, both the spin that provided the bonus and the spin that includes the bonus are considered to be within the same spin. So if you reach the limit amount, the bonus stops immediately even if you haven’t consumed all your spins.

Cleopatra Gameplay

Depending on the casino, Cleopatra is also offered with only 3 lines and up to 25 pay-lines and 4 progressive jackpot options, in which version IGT released, under the name Cleopatra MegaJackpots. But most Cleopatra variants have a total of 20 selectable lines, of which you can activate 1, 5, 9, 15 or 20 lines per spin.


You’ll also be interested to know that the Auto Spin function is programmable for the number of spins you prefer, although you can stop it at any time by simply pressing Stop. And as with many IGT games, you can adjust the quality of the graphics for optimal performance of the game features on your device.


Even if you are not a fan of classic slots or IGT games, our advice is not to miss the opportunity to check out Cleopatra’s free demo, as well as two of her versions: Cleopatra 2 and Cleopatra Plus, also available on our website.

This is a simple and enjoyable game with which you can win prizes comparable to the treasures of ancient Egypt, and what better company to try your luck with than Cleopatra?

2. EGGOMATIC by NetEnt™

Eggomatic is a slot machine that, due to its high level of originality, will bring hours of fun to all players. Although its operation is the same as that of many slot machines that you will find in the best online casinos, based on the 5 reels with 3 rows, Eggomatic will take you a little further. Up to 20 game lines, ten levels and the possibility to adapt the game to your way of playing are waiting for you. You can’t miss this exciting online game of chance.



This game is based on the characteristic configuration of five three-row drums and a series of colorful drawings that act like the usual figures found in other machines.

But Eggomatic is a slightly different game to the ones we are used to.


The first time the player accesses the game he will see a video explaining the story behind the slot machine. Egg production has plummeted and something has to be done. The older rooster invents the machine he calls Eggomatic, whose aim is none other than to make more and more eggs. If you want to watch the video again, just press the ‘Information’ button and you can watch it again.

From here on the symbols of the game are the robot chickens of different color and whose values are ordered in descending order:

  • White cock with a red crest
  • Lavender hen and a heart in the chest
  • Green and white chicken with big eyes
  • Blue rooster with a red crest
  • Golden Chicken
  • Chicks in red, lilac, green, blue and finally brown

Setting the mood of the game you have a futuristic soundtrack that accompanies this different machine in the mission to recover the factory’s egg production. Remember that at any time you can turn off the music, if you wish.


The dynamics of Eggomatic are very similar to other slot machines based on 5 drums and 3 rows. Perhaps the initial difficulty lies in knowing the values and combinations of the figures, which are different from other games. But you can have a look at the 20 prize lines by pressing the ‘Information’ button on the panel.


On the panel of this game, you should know that it is somewhat different from other machines. Here you will see the bet value and the available coins at all times, as well as the automatic betting modes. This, as in other machines, allows you to automatically make 10, 25 or 50 consecutive spins without the player’s intervention.

The bets you can make range from 0.01 to 1.00 coins and the minimum per spin with real money is 0.20 and the maximum bet -maximum Bet- is 200.00. In addition, if you are the lucky one who gets the jackpot, you should know that the maximum is 94,750 coins.


The bonus games are one of the players’ favorite add-ons that can’t be missing from the best slot machines. Here the bonus is on every spin and they will appear on the screen in the form of different types of eggs that move on the conveyor belt above the five reels. When the usual ‘Wild’ symbol appears under one of the eggs, all the symbols next to it will become the Wild Joker, increasing the chances of winning and the amount of the prize. This type is the ‘Spreading Wild Egg’.

Another bonus included in this game is free spins and it appears when the ‘Free Spins’ egg is placed over the Wild symbol. The game can award from 7 to 50 free spins depending on the type of egg you have been awarded. The Coin Win Egg makes the profits per bet of a winning line multiply by the number that can be seen on the egg itself. That number can range from 50 to 2500 and will always be linked to the bet of that moment.

Finally, the surprise egg -Surprise Egg- has a different color than the other bonus eggs that appear throughout the game. It does not have a single bonus, but can contain any of the three:

  • Free Spins Egg
  • Coin Win Egg
  • Spreading Wild Egg