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Casino Slots Online

With number of people around the world who enjoy playing online slots and casino games the online casino sector has been very competitive for years. There are some great online slot and casino sites out there, and there are some that are not so great. This is the main reason why we set up AuntyAcidCasino, to make sure you stick with the great online slot websites, and avoid the bad ones.

In order to find the best online casino sites we looked at several factors which gave us a good basis on whether or not the casino in question has it’s stuff together.

  • The most important factor in an online slots casino is that they have always been reputable and haven’t done any shady business.
  • Player support has always been a big factor for me when I’m choosing an online casino. If I run into any problems when I’m playing I like to know that someone is only a message away. I will never join a casino where there isn’t real 24/7 support from qualified individuals.
  • Although the amount of traffic/players a casino has isn’t really relevant for playing online slots, it’s still a good factor to look at. If a casino is seven years old and only has a thousand players over that time then you might not want to play there. You can’t count new casinos because they could still be establishing themselves, but for older casinos look for busy ones because that usually means people are winning more there.
  • For some casino players and especially most slot machine players the graphics of the casino are an important factor. If you’re going to be playing slot machines for the thrill and excitement then you need a casino with stunning graphics and good storylines. Nowadays you don’t just have to play a simple three reel symbol slot as most online casinos have storyline slots which progress as you play more. The graphics and sound on these new slot machines are incredible.
  • Depending on where you live the banking options that a casino offers can be very important. With players wanting to play from all over the world it’s important to offer them lots of local and international banking options which some casinos do. Some casinos on the other hand will have lots of depositing options, but limited withdrawing options and you need to avoid these shady casinos.

As you can see there are a number of factors that we consider when choosing the best online slots and casino sites. Listed above are some of the best online slot websites you’ll find which also accompany some of the best online casino bonuses you’ll find.

Online Slots Payouts

When you play slot machines whether in a land based casino or online casino they all have a payout percentage that they payback over the long run. It’s good to note quickly that most online casinos have better payout percentages then land based casinos making it better to play online slots then slots at your local land based casino. If you’re unsure exactly what a payout percentage is we’re going to define it for you in simple terms.

A payout percentage for slot machines is simply how much the slot machine pays out over thousands of spins. For instance, if the payout percentage of the slot machines at a certain online casino is 95% then that means the slots payout $95 for every $100 received. One thing a lot of players get confused with is that the payout percentage is based on thousands of spins and not just a handful of spins so if you spend $100 in a slot machine then it might not payout anywhere near $95, but it could also payout a lot more then $95.

The reason I feel it’s important to discuss the payout percentage is because most online casinos list there payout percentages for all there games. Most of the time payout percentages are determined by a third party company who audits the casino on a regular basis. This is to ensure that the online casino is being fair and not taking to much of a percentage from players. When you’re choosing an online casino you need to make sure that you spend some time looking at the payout percentages for the slot machines if you plan on playing them.

If the online casino you’re looking to join doesn’t have the payout percentages visible on there website then it’s usually safe to say they’re lower then they should be and you shouldn’t join that casino. Almost every good online casino will list there payout percentages and you can use this as a factor when joining a casino. Obviously you want to play at a casino with the best payout percentage, but don’t put to much weight on this factor alone. The reason you don’t want to do this is because most online casino are within a couple points of a percent on there payout percentages meaning it won’t make any difference to a casual slots player.

Most online casinos will have a payout percentage of about 95% with some a little bit higher and some a little bit lower. If you’re thinking about joining a casino and there payout percentage is below 94% for slots then you should think twice about making that move because you’re losing almost a full 1%. Payout percentages change all of the time as the economy changes so you’ll need to keep checking your casinos website for changes each month. Usually changes aren’t drastic, but it’s always better to know then to guess when it comes to dealing with your money. Remember that slot machines are suppose to be fun so although these factors are important don’t let them eat you up to much and just focus on relaxing and having fun.

Casino Slots Secrects

Slot machines are very popular and played every year by millions of people. Over the years there have been many myths that have been spread throughout the slot player community. This is why you need to be able to determine what is fact and what is a myth. In this article we’re going to share some common secrets and myths that slot players have been spreading around for years.

  • A common myth is that when you’re playing at the casino you’ll be able to spot out a slot machine which is about to payout a large amount of money. Nowadays all slot machines are using random number generators which makes it impossible to be able to determine when a slot machine is going to win. A slot machine could potentially not win a spin for hours on end before winning a small amount.


  • Another myth is thinking that the casino employees are able to determine whether or not a slot machine is going to win. There are no magic buttons anywhere in the casino which determine whether a slot machine is going to win or lose so don’t believe anything you hear like that. Remember that random number generators are used in slot machines so nothing except the computer chip knows whether the spin is going to be a winner or loser before you do.


  • Most slot machines allow you to pull a lever as well as push a button depending on your preference. Some people have started a myth years ago saying that pulling the lever will help you win more often then pushing the button. Both pushing the button and pulling the lever starts the random number generator so there is no difference in using either of the two.


  • There are no days in the week when casinos set there slot machines to payout a higher percentage. The percentage does change from time to time, but it isn’t at the casinos discretion and it definitely doesn’t happen every week. The casinos need to follow certain laws to ensure fair play in there casino and if they break these laws then they will get shut down. The casino needs to offer the payout percentage which is told to them by a third party company and they have no control over anything to do with it.


  • There is no more ways to rig a slot machine if it’s using a random number generator so anyone who tells you there is a way is just lying to you. One of the common ways people say to rig a machine is to heat up your coins and then use them to play. This doesn’t work and will only get you into trouble for being so unintelligent.


The above are some common myths which often get passed around the slot community. Most of you who aren’t new to slots will already know not to believe most of the stuff you hear, but new players won’t. If you’re a new player then don’t believe everything you hear at the slot machines because a lot of it will be myths that have no merit.

Online Slots Strategy

Practically every type of person enjoys playing slot machines because they allow you to forget about any problems you have and just have fun. Slot machines are all about luck online because they use random number generators which mean every spin is completely random and there is no probability of any spin happening. This means that there is no way to change the house advantage through skills or strategy and the only thing you can do is use simple tips to make your money stretch further.

One good thing about playing slot machines online and not in a land based casino is that you will have a lot more options. If you’ve played slots in the past then you’ll know what types of slot machines you generally do well on and you’ll be able to target those types of slots. When you play in a casino you often have to play on slot machines where you can find a seat and you also need to deal with some land based casinos not offering all types of slot machines. Every month online casinos create new slot machines for players to play so that is always new machines to try out so that you can never get bored. Always make sure that you play on the slot machines you’re comfortable with though so that you know what’s going on.

Another important strategy as a slot machine player online is to take advantage of every bonus and promotional item that you possibly can. If it’s your first time playing you will be able to get a sign-up bonus from the casino you join, some slot specialized casinos offer huge bonuses for players who will be playing slots. Some of the online casinos also offer reload bonuses on every deposit thereafter so make sure you take advantage of these as they give you free money to help stretch your dollar further. Most casinos also run points programs for players where you earn points for every spin you take. These points can often be redeemed for prizes and cash so make sure you’re keeping an eye on this so you can redeem your earned points for cash every month.

Always play the maximum amount of pay lines on online slot machines to ensure that you can win the best possible payout when you have winning spins. When you play the maximum pay lines online it also seems that you do a lot better and will have a lot of break even spins. When you’re only playing one pay line on a standard slot machine then you’re not allowing the chance to break even on a spin and limiting how far your money will stretch.

Play on the slot machines with progressive jackpots, bonuses and other prize slots as well as normal payouts. Since they have normal payouts there is no reason not to play these slots since you have the potential of winning a lot more then you would on regular slot machines.

Most Common Slot Terms

There aren’t that many slot machine terms which you need to become familiar with and you actually don’t need to learn any of them if you really don’t want too. The reason most people tend to learn the basic terms is so that they can understand the terms being used when another slot player is talking with them. It’s also a lot more fun to play slot machines when you understand the terms and what they mean.

  • Pay Lines – A pay line is an imaginary line of the slot machine reels which determine where you need to match the symbols. When you match the symbols on a pay line then you win the payout for that spin. Standard slot machines only have one pay line whereas multi-line slot machines have multiple pay lines which can be horizontal, vertical and diagonal.
  • Multiplier Slots – A multiplier slot machine is simply a machine which has a sliding scale on how many credits you can play with on the given machine. For instance, some slot machines will allow you to play for 1, 2 and 3 credits with a 1 credit spin paying 3, a 2 credit spin paying 6 and a 3 credit pay paying 9. The more credits you play with the more credits you win which is why it’s suggested to always play for the maximum amount of credits when you play slot machines.
  • Bonus Multiplier – A bonus multiplier slot machine is the same as a multiplier slot machine except for one difference. Instead of offering a sliding scale or payouts to players the bonus multiplier machines are used to determine whether or not you qualify for a bonus. If you have played the maximum amount of credits then you can win the bonus on the machine, but if you play for anything under the maximum amount of credits you don’t qualify for the bonus multiplier.
  • Fill – A fill is when an employee of the casino needs to re-fill the machine with coins for payout. Not all machines payout this way anymore and most use a simple printed piece of paper with your winnings listed on the paper, but you might experience this. When a fill is needed you will be asked to move to another slot machine while the process if completed.
  • Slot Schedule – A slot schedule is important to locate when you sit down to play a slot machine because it lists vital information such as the type of machine, how much it costs to play and how much you win for the possible pay lines.
  • House Edge – The house edge is simply a term used to describe the percent that the casino has over you when you play slots. The house has the advantage in all casino games and it’s important to learn the house advantage for the game you play and how to limit them when possible.

These are the most common slot machine terms you’re going to hear and use as a slot machine player. I’m sure you’ll learn some other terms along the way from some people at your local casino because everyone uses there own slang, but this list will allow you to understand what’s going on.

Types of Online Casino Slots

Here is a list of different slot types that you can find in online casinos.

1. Standard Slots

There are numerous different slot types in online casinos and the most common type is the standard slot machine which can be found in every land based casino and online casino. A standard slot machine is a three reel slot machine where the goal is to match the symbols on the pay line. There is only one pay line on a standard slot machine and it allows for a much simpler playing experience for players just looking too relax. There is no doubt that the standard slot machine is the most popular amongst the masses although most frequent slot machine players spend most of there time playing the more adventurous slots.

The standard slot machine is completely random and there is no way to help yourself win because it’s all luck. The three reel slot machines are also known to payout more commonly then other slot machines which are a good reason as to why you should play these when you’re new. The payouts aren’t as good on three reel slots, but they do pay out often because the odds are better. When you only need to match three symbols on one pay line the chances are better then trying to match four or five reel machines.

Standard slot machines can be found in a variety of different themes online whereas in the casino you’ll typically find the Lucky 7 type of slot machine. In an online casino you’ll find three reel slot machines based around lots of popular themes such as comics, movies, celebrities, women, countries and a whole lot more. You can find all sorts of neat three reel slots to play and the reason there are so many different types is because players often want to switch it up after awhile. If you play a sports slot machine for an hour chances are you’re probably getting bored of the symbols so you might want to switch and start playing on a standard slot machine with cartoon symbols.

When you play a standard slot machine at an online casino it will usually have a table off to the side which lists the payouts for every spin. Since there is only one pay line and three reels there aren’t many winning combinations out there so it’s easy to list the payouts for players. Make sure you always play for the maximum amount of credit allowed on the machine so that you get paid out the most you can when you win.

Every casino will have standard slot machines to play, but some casinos will have better machines and designs then other casinos. Make sure you check out the different casinos slot machines before depositing money so you can find a casino with games you think you’ll like. Also take into consideration that some online casinos will have bonuses and jackpots that can be won on some standard slot machines. Most keep the big jackpots for the bigger slot machines, but you’ll still find some in some of the online casinos out there.

2. Progressive Slots

I recommend playing standard slot machines and five reel slot machines before you start playing progressive slot machines. There really is no difference although progressive jackpots are more expensive to play typically because you have the chance at becoming rich from one lucky spin of the slot. Ideally when you play progressive jackpots you won’t to find a machine that doesn’t cost much more per spin then you’re use to spending. The chances at winning a progressive jackpot on a slot machine are very slim, but it does happen all the time so it’s worth playing them as a slot player. There are numerous ways that progressive jackpots are calculated and they are as followed.

  • The first way is by adding up a percentage of the losses on one slot machine and putting it into a jackpot for that machine. These aren’t as common nowadays, but you’ll still find them throughout online casinos and some land based casinos.
  • The most common progressive jackpots you’ll find are linked groups of slot machines that all contribute to the same jackpot. A percentage of all the losses on a group of machines are added to one main jackpot which one lucky player will win. These slot machines are common in land based casinos and online casinos and often the jackpot are in the six and seven figures. If you win one of these progressive jackpots it will be life changing for most people and definitely the type of progressive jackpot slot you should look for.
  • The final way progressive jackpots can be calculated is by linking multiple machines together from different casinos. The jackpot will be displayed at each casino where the machine is linked and these jackpots often are the biggest you can win because the machines are in multiple casinos. You’re a lot less likely to win one of these jackpots, but they are the largest and most rewarding.

Progressive jackpot slot machines are often the most entertaining slot machines in the casino because the casino wants you to play them. They often have the best graphics and some of them even have a storyline you can follow along with as you play. In order to win a progressive jackpot on a slot machine you need to remember that you always need to play for the maximum credits on the machine because if you don’t you don’t qualify to win the jackpot. Nothing would be worse then to win the jackpot and find out you didn’t qualify for the jackpot prize because you weren’t playing for the maximum amount of credits.

Every month there are players online who win the progressive jackpots located at the various online casinos. Almost every casino offers progressive jackpots although some don’t so make sure if you want to play these types of slots you find out if the casino offers them first. The best online casinos with progressive jackpots are all listed below and should be plenty of options for you to choose from.

3. Multi-line Slot Machines

Multi-Line slot machines are very similar to standard slot machines except for the fact that you can play more then one pay line every spin. Some machines allow up to 25 pay lines to be played every spin, but you won’t commonly find many players using these machines as they can get quite expensive for the casual slot machine player. When you’re playing on a multi-line slot machine you’re potentially able to win more then once every spin which is why many people play them. You also have the chance of breaking even every spin whereas on a standard slot machine you only have one pay line which means you’ll either win or lose on every single spin with no chance of breaking even.

Playing multi-line slot machine isn’t for players who are new to slot machines because you’ll just end up not understanding the game and losing your money. When you don’t understand what’s going on it will definitely limit the amount of fun that you’re having so wait to play these types of slot machines until you’re more prepared. The number one rule you need to remember is that you should know the rules to the slot machines you’re playing on and with multi-line slots the structure changes all the time. You’ll need to learn the payouts as well as what qualifies as winning pay line so that you aren’t confused when you’re spinning the wheel.

Multi-line slot machines are often much more busy then standard slot machines at land based casinos and online casinos because there a lot more entertaining. With multiple pay lines every spin and much better graphics to look at it allows the slot machine player to have fun while playing. There are also generally a lot more jackpots to be won on multi-line slot machines for hitting multiple lines and such feats. If you can manage to win a jackpot it could change your life forever which is a popular factor in why so many players choose multi-line machines over the others.

There are plenty of multi-line slot machines already available across the different online casinos out there and they always add new ones. Slot machines are becoming better every year and the builders of these machines are making them more appealing and stronger in graphics all the time. With cutting edge technology anyone in the world is able to play on these incredible machines for entertainment at anytime they want.

When you do decide to play multi-line slot machines one factor you’re going to need to determine is how many pay lines you’re going to play. A lot of players have there own thoughts on this factor and it’s up to you how you want to play. I would suggest playing all of the pay lines or playing all of the lines that don’t overlap with each other. The reason people play multi-line slots over standard slots is so they can play multiple pay lines so if you want to only play one pay line then stick with standard slots as you’ll make more. If you want to play multiple lines and try to win big then you’ll need to find some nice multi-line slots to play from the list below.

4. Five Reel Slots

If you’re looking for the ultimate fun experience playing slot machines then you need to stick with five reel slot machines as there is nothing better. Standard three reel slot machines still remain popular to this day, but they don’t compare in the amount of fun five reel slot machines offer. The notable difference between three reel slots and five reel slots is that there is two extra vertical lines of symbols plus more pay lines.

Most five reel slot machines will vary in pay lines, but typically there will be anywhere from five to twenty-five pay lines for every spin you want to take. Five reel slot machines are a lot more confusing to play then the standard slot machine so you’ll need to spend some time learning the rules of each slot machine. Since most slot machines will have different pay lines and payouts it makes learning everything a bit difficult, especially if you like variety when you’re playing.

One thing about five reel slots other then the fun factors is that they are actually a bit more difficult to win on. Even though you get multiple pay lines the chances of making money are less on a five reel slot. On three reel slots you either win or lose every spin, but there are a lot more winning spins then you’ll see on any five reel slot. The payouts are often better with five reel slot machines, but since you’re usually playing multiple lines every spin it costs more to play.

You should always look to play five reel slot machines with bonuses or jackpots available to be won so that you can increase your chances of winning big. Slots are all about luck and having fun so you can’t do much to help yourself win, but one thing you can do is make sure you switch machines often. There are hundreds of different five reel slots online that you can play in most online casinos so it’s important you play different machines. Each machine will have a different theme or storyline to it anyways so it makes it more fun.

In land based casinos five reel slots are really easy to spot because they’re often in the hottest spots on the casino floor. The five reel slots are a lot bigger and more graphical then standard slot machines and they stand out to most people which is why they are so popular. When you’re playing in an online casino everything is listed and categorized so you just need to find the list of five reel slots in the games lobby.

The main thing you need to worry about when you play five reel slots is that you know which pay lines payout and how much they payout. You also want to make sure that you’re choosing the right amount of pay lines for every spin and we’ll talk about this further in our strategy section. Below is a list of online casinos which cater to the five reel slot machine enthusiast as well as run a reputable and safe operation.

5. Bonus Slots

Bonus slots come in a variety of different types which we’re going to look at, but one thing they all have in common is slot they offer some sort of bonus for the player. The thrill of winning a bonus is a lot more fun then winning a normal slot machine spin plus you’re also going to be rewarded better. Every online casino offer bonus slot machines for players and some casinos will offer more then others. The casinos which specialize in slot machines tend to have the most bonus slot machines in there casino for obvious reasons.

Bonus slot machines are either standard slot machines or multi-line slot machines with a bonus and they aren’t any type of different slot machine just in case you didn’t know that. When you’re playing in a casino some slots might have bonuses, but they can be hard to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for. There are quite a few different bonus slot machines you’ll find on the internet in online casinos and we’re going to look at those now.

  • The most common type of bonus slot machine is to offer free spins for players. This bonus slot machines isn’t really ideal for winning anything good, but it can help make your money last longer. On more advanced slot machines you’ll find that instead of a free spin you’ll be given a free round. This is the same thing and although it’s better then no bonus it isn’t really worth playing these machines too often.
  • The best slot machines too look for are the slot machines which offer cash and prizes as a bonus. Some casinos will run promotions where they offer expensive items and cash for winners of the bonus and these are the types of slot machines you want to find. Land based casinos will usually also have a couple sets of slot machines where they have a grand prize of cash or sometimes cars for winners of the bonus.

Most of the time these slot machines are the same price as normal slot machines and the payouts are usually the same although you tend to not win as much on these machines. The chances of winning bonuses aren’t that great, but many people have in the past and all you need is a bit of luck. All slot machine players already know that playing slots is for entertainment and any money won is from luck, but it is worth playing the bonus slot machines when you can just in case it’s your turn to get lucky.

The bonus slot machines tend to also be more graphical and creative which makes the playing experience more fun for us players. Make sure you check out our list below of casinos with bonus slots so that you can start playing to win huge prizes and cash. Don’t forget that apart from the bonuses you’ll also be paid regular payouts for the slot machine on winning spins so you aren’t just trying to win the bonus it’s just an added extra.


If you don’t already know this, slot machines are in the houses advantage and the house always wins over the long term on slot machines. The reason being is because over the long term slot machines are designed to always make more money then they give out. Some players will be lucky and will win more money then they spend, but most players are going to lose more money then they spend and that’s just fact. To limit the amount you lose and the more chance of winning some money you can employ some simple tips and strategies to help you at least make your money last longer.

  • The most important rule to ensure that you’re always having fun and not stressing out is to play with money that isn’t specifically for playing slot machines. You never want to lose money that you need or that wasn’t supposed to be spent on entertainment because then you’re going to have problems. A gambler always needs to make sure that they spend money they can afford to lose and never double dip if they lose there money.
  • A good tip to stay within your bankroll all the time is to set a pre-determined amount of money away for each week or month. The money you set away every week or month can be used for slot machines, but once you lose it you’re done for that week or month. If you can handle not playing anymore after you’ve lost then you’ll always ensure you’re having fun.
  • There is no such thing as slot machine systems since the game is all about luck and you can’t employ any strategies to help your chances of winning. Some people on the internet try selling you books and guides on slot systems, but none will work because there is no such thing.
  • If a slot machine is cold then you need to be willing to leave the slot machine and play a new one. As mentioned above slots are meant to take more money then they give out over the long run so if you aren’t winning on your spins then you should consider moving to a machine. Often slot machines become hot and cold so the more you can find hot machines the better off you’re going to do.